Factory Control Systems

About Us

Factory Control Sytems

For more than twenty years, Factory Control Systems has worked closely with a large range of SMEs to develop innovative manufacturing software solutions. Our expertise and these close relationships have enabled us to deliver cost effective, fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, with an unrivalled degree of customisability, that have facilitated the growth of our customers both in scale and operating efficiencies.

Key Strengths

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Systems allow for truly flexible, agile and responsive manufacturing and are proven to enhance company performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Team

The FCS team has over twenty years' experience of successfully delivering manufacturing systems on time, and on budget.

They have used their personal experience of running furniture manufacturing companies and working at Director level with major brand names, to put together systems that allow for truly Agile manufacturing.

At FCS we recognise that our cutomers not only depend on the quality of the software that we install, but also on our Support Services. We will provide you with a designated partner, who will work with you to ensure you have everything you need from the system.

Our Vision

FCS recognises that in a fiercely competitive global market, where margins are being squeezed by the ever increasing cost of raw materials, labour and customer requests for more sophisticated products and services, it is crucial for manufacturers to maintain maximum operational efficiencies to stay competitive.

Accordingly, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive, state of the art, cost effective Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) which will enable you to set up, identify, prepare, plan, schedule, implement and monitor your manufacturing operations with ease, (from goods in, through to delivery and after sales service), transforming the way you do business.