Factory Control Systems


Factory Control Systems provides leading, fully integrated ERP business management software systems, developed specifically for the furniture, woodworking, bedding and upholstery industries.

The Furniture and fittings industries face unique challenges. In a fiercely competitive global market, where there are ever increasing demands for a greater range and complexity of products and services, FCS recognises how crucial it is for you as a manufacturer to be as agile, flexible and responsive as possible, in order to drive your business forward.

We can provide you with a powerful and affordable ERP system which will give you complete visibility of all aspects op your operations in real time.

With detailed and accurate information at your fingertips, key decisions can be made on integrating and streamling your core manufacturing processes.

This will enable you to: avoid duplication of tasks, eradicate errors and create an environment where coordination , decision-making and teamwork are enhanced.

You will then be in a position to execute and monitor your operations with ease, from sales orders through to production, delivery and installation.

Agile Manufacturing


Our Enterprise Resource Planning Systems allow for truly flexible, agile and responsive manufacturing and are proven to enhance company performance and customer satisfaction.

Agile manufacturing allows different manufacturing processes to be used in conjunction to maximize production and minimize cost.

The rules based product configuration software, used in our “build to order” system, means that no stockholding is required and that each product can be made to suit a customer’s requirements, such as a specific style or finish.

The dimensions and configuration of the product can also be altered, providing multiple and variable product options whilst still ensuring they still remain cost effective and controlled.

A significant added bonus is that with no old stock to run down or dispose of, new designs can be brought to market quicker, keeping up with changing demands.

Key Strengths

We have over twenty years' experience of successfully delivering manufacturing systems on time, and on budget.

    By working with Factory Control Systems you will have the control to:
  • Rapidly increase the accuracy and speed of information distributed
  • Enhance coordination, decision making and teamwork
  • Bring in new operational efficiencies
  • Lower your costs and inventory
  • Improve your productivity and increase your revenue
  • Dramatically improve customer service and your responsiveness to customers
  • Gain a significant competitive advantage

What manufacturing processes are supported?


FCS is designed to support a variety of manufacturing processes including: Make to Order (MTO), where items are fully traceable to their parent throughout the system; Make to Stock (MTS); Engineer to Order (ETO); Configure to Order and Mix Mode Environments.

Minimum Stock Levels and Economic Order Quantities can be inserted at any level of the Bills of Materials.