Factory Control Systems

Product Configuration

The Product Configurator

Our product configurator guides the user through the process of selecting multiple and varaible product options, such as: colour, handing, fabric etc; providing the customer with as much choice as possible. At the same time rules based sizing limits are applied ensuring that goods chosen can be produced and delivered within the time specified.

Accurate Effortless Costing

Behind the configurator is a powerful pricing feature, that combines a number of methods to arrive at an accurate selling price. At a most basic level, prices can be calculated by: individual item; price per linear metre, per square metre or by using a price matrices for sized products.

Surcharges for additional features can be applied in increments, as percentages or using a combination of both

In addition discounts can be quickly and effortlessly calculated for selected clients or during promotional periods for specific products or customers in general

System Integration

Information on the parts of a configurated product, can be fed directly into your CAM software with the options automatically defined e.g.sizes, colour of board, vinyl finish etc. This minimises the resources required to process orders and speeds up the ime to production.

"Real Cost" Manufacturing

During the production process the "real cost" of manufacturing can be calculated, including waste and replacements. Together with actual labour times the "True Cost" of production, including any overheads allocated can be evaluated. These can be used to determine the pricing of future jobs as required.